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This case study focuses on a particular ISP that goes by the name Cosotnet Internet, which is situated in the city of Cotabato in the Philippines. Launched in 2015, Cosotnet has rapidly expanded and become one of the most effective and inexpensive ISPs. Cosotnet boasts of fiber internet connections that give a connection speed of up to 100Mbps to homes and businesses in Cotabato City and other towns. They have incorporated the latest technologies in the network connectivity and equipments so as to guarantee their customers of speedy and reliable connectivity for all internet related activities including browsing, VoD, and other high quality video services. Some of the benefits they offer are that Cosotnet has an excellent customer support service. Their team has a strategy of offering quick solutions, explanations, or any complaints from the customers. Hence, it lowers the rate of customer dissatisfaction as the companies are able to address their needs in quick succession. Also, Cosotnet provides packages to their clients in several categories that include the low-end packages for clients who use the internet moderately to the high-end packages for the high traffic clients. Cosotnet Internet, with its headquarters in Arizona, has quickly grown a reputation for offering fast and dependable internet along with exemplary service to its customers. Generally, the more new regions they manage to connect to their fiber optic network, the more people, both residents and businesses, will be able to enjoy the high internet speeds. It therefore makes Cosotnet a good ISP to deal with due to its ability to offer its services at cheap prices and due to its delivery of quality services.

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  • Fixed Wireless

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