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CAS (Cable Access System ) Cable Internet: Broadband internet service provision through cable television systems. Cable internet is very similar to the traditional cable televisions in that it utilizes cables and infrastructure to reach homes and firms. This is due to the cable modem which translate analog signal to digital form that computers can comprehend which is an important aspect of cable internet. Broadband signals are conveyed through hybrid fiber coaxial or ‘coax’ cable, with fiber-optic cables offering signals up to neighborhood and coaxial cables carrying the signals to the last mile of individual buildings. Cable internet connection is also preferable to much slower and older DSL connection. A normal cable internet download throughput ranges from 50 mbps to 500 mbps depending on the chosen subscription plan. The download speeds are usually higher, varying between 3 to 50Mbps while the upload speeds are lower. In fact, wireline modem’s latency may be higher than wireless modem which is crucial for gaming. Benefits are that cable internet is fast, connections do not require dial-up and there is often packages with cable television services. The two main disadvantages include: fluctuation in speed where at peak hours many customers are connected to the internet in a particular neighborhood. In general, cable internet is cheap and fast enough for most homes today hence can be considered the best internet solution for many households.

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